ConquSync takes your synchronization needs to the cloud, adding collaboration tools, backups, external services, and task consolidation for as little as $53 a year (2 months free) or $5.3 per month.

What is ConquSync?

ConquSync is our low cost online backup and management tool for seamless integration for the Conqu family of applications. It's also what makes synchronization between your various devices possible. If you have multiple Conqu applications (desktop, phone, tablet) then you need ConquSync to tie them all together.

Benefits of ConquSync

ConquSync adds mission critical tools to the Conqu family of applications like:


Free Beta Account

Get in Sync

ConquSync is the premium service that allows you to sync you phone to your tablet to your desktop and back again. keeping all your tasks up to date and in perfect sync.

24 hour access


You always have 24/7 access to all your tasks from within Conqu or through the website. But you don't have to be connected to the internet to work. Conqu only requires a brief internet connection to synchronize and back up your data to the cloud.

Data Backups


Your tasks are stored in the cloud. You no longer need to worry about your task list should you loose your device, or migrate to a new system.



It doesn't matter if your to-do list contains a grocery list, or a to-do list for a super secret website, we always preform synchronizations using SSL encryption. Your data's privacy is important to us.


Sharing is available to all conqu applications users free of charge*. Non-ConquSync subscribers will receive share notifications by email with a link to view the task online. Items that are completed online are automatically synced back to the application. ConquSync subscribers get the benefit of receiving all task assigned to them placed automatically into their inbox.

Tasks By Email

Left your device with Conqu at home? want to add a task before you forget? ConquSync subscribers can easily add tasks to their inbox while on the go by emailing us your task. We will automatically add it to your inbox the next time you sync your device.